Are you worried about staying safe as a solo traveler? Or are you worried about your stuff being stolen? With these 25 travel safety products you won’t have to worry anymore! From essential electronic travel safety devices to small but effective travel safety items and accessories such as a whistle. This list of 25 travel safety gear for solo (female) travelers will help you travel like Bob Marley:

Don’t worry, be happy!

In case you need some additional tips on how to stay safe besides using travel safety items for solo travelers, check out my previous post filled with practical tips for solo traveling women.

Travel Safety Products: clothing

Travel safety clothing or pickpocket-proof clothing is a piece of clothing with a hidden zipper in which you can hide your money, phone passport, wallet, or anything else you may want to hide.

#1 Antitheft pants

Pants or leggings with hidden pockets for your money and phone make the perfect pickpocket-proof clothing item!

Check out the Clever Travel Companion for a simple elegant black legging.

Anti-theft leggings. Photo courtesy of Clever Travel Companion

#2 Antitheft shirts

Besides comfy pants, having a t-shirt, or a tank top with additional pockets to keep pickpocketers hands out is another one to add to the essential travel safety items list!

Again, the Clever Travel Companion offers shirts for men and women, as well as tank tops.

Anti-theft shirts. Photo courtesy of Clever Travel Companion

#3 Antitheft scarf

No matter where I travel, I always add a scarf to my packing list. They’re just so handy. They keep you warm, they serve as a pillow, they don’t take up too much space, and now you can also hide your phone, money, and passport in them!

Check out the prices for pickpocket proof scarfs here!

Anti-theft scarf. Photo courtesy of Clever Travel Companion

#4 Pickpocket-proof lingerie

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you do need to wear underwear and now you find underwear with hidden pockets to keep your money safe. Remember my post about the solo female travel tips where I told you to always keep money in separate places in case you get robbed?

Well, most robbers won’t check your underwear for hidden money, so those boxer shorts, bras, or women’s underwear are a perfect place to hide your money!

Pickpocket proof bra. Photo courtesy of The Travel Bra

Travel safety accessories

The following six travel safety accessories are extremely helpful for staying safe as a solo traveler and best of all, they’re not even that hideous at all. (Alright, it depends on which travel safety accessories you’re talking about, but still, some are actually quite fashionable).

#5 A whistle

A whistle is one of those unexpectedly fashionable travel safety accessories.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking about a whistle such as these ones from the Decathlon. A normal looking one, that’s functional and extremely helpful to make a lot of noise, easily, when you’re in danger. But did you know that there are also cute looking whistles, that do the same job, but look a little bit better?

Check out the unique vintage style whistles at Macy if you want to stay safe and look fashionable!

A whistle as a more fashionable travel safety item. Photo courtesy of Macys

#6 A Fake wedding ring

Since we’re in the jewelry section of the travel safety accessories anyways, let’s continue with a fake wedding ring.

In my Uganda safety guide, I already explained that wearing a fake wedding ring will help reduce the amount of unwanted attention you’ll get. Plus you’ll probably receive fewer wedding proposals.

You can literally buy any ring and wear it as a fake wedding ring. Check out Macy’s ring section if you need some inspiration for stunning rings to use as travel safety accessories. Or perhaps the slightly cheaper rings from Claire’s are a better option for traveling.

How awesome is that, you can buy something pretty for yourself and it will also keep you safe!

Though, don’t show off your richness too much as this might attract potential thieves. So pick a simple fake wedding ring.

Wear a fake wedding ring as a travel safety accessory. Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

#7 A Safety bracelet or an SOS Talisman

What’s a safety bracelet or an SOS talisman?

They are another type of travel safety accessories, in which you register your medical information and emergency contacts.

The SOS talisman comes in necklaces and bracelets. Inside the small medal is a piece paper on which you can write your blood type, things you’re allergic to, and who to contact. The medal is waterproof, so you can always wear it and if something were to happen to you, bystanders can open the medal to see who to contact and how to help you.

I’ve got the silver necklace talisman, which I received as a present from my grandmother before I left on one of my trips.

The safety bracelet also provides your personal information, except you engrave your information on those bracelets. Making it harder to change something later on if your emergency contact’s phone number changes, for example.

Check out the SOS Talisman options here.

Or this example of an emergency bracelet.

My SOS Talisman

#8 A Personal alarm

A personal alarm is also one of the travel safety accessories that you can wear as a bracelet, necklace, or simply as a key chain.

How does a personal alarm keep you safe when traveling?

A personal alarm is a small device that either includes a grenade-like pin you can pull or a button you push. The device then starts making a lot of noise to attract other people who can help you or scare an attacker, giving you some time to get away.

There are many different styles in which the personal alarm comes, so you can find one that matches your style. Or just get one that’s neutral so it doesn’t attract a lot of attention.

But a personal alarm is one of the simplest travel safety items and accessories to keep you safe.

#9 Money belts

The first time I bought a money belt I felt like the most classic tourist ever. I just bought the first money belt I found, and it was the ugliest grey, old-fashioned money belt. All I needed were some socks in sandals, a kaki zip-off pants, and my classic tourist picture would have been complete. (Nothing against zip-off pants and sandals though, it’s just my classic picture of my parents’ generation as tourists.)

Anyways, the money belts are probably the most common solo female travel safety products. You can find them in all shapes and sizes.

You can literally get a belt, with a small zipper where you can hide your money. Or you can get a fanny pack in all sorts of styles. Or you can just get the simplest one, like mine.

It really doesn’t really matter in what style you buy your travel safety items and accessories, as long as they do the job. Which is keeping you and your stuff safe.

The fanny packs are perfect for night buses, or public transport in general. Shopping in busy markets, or just walking around in big cities, it’s the perfect place to keep your belongings close to you, without unwanted hands getting in.

Check out the Decathlon for the more standard money belts that I was talking about or check out Claire’s for slightly more fashionable fanny packs.

My beautiful classic tourist money belt

#10 Anti-theft bags

If fanny packs are not quite your style, don’t worry. You don’t need to go all tourist-style to keep your stuff safe. You can also find travel safety items and accessories that are so fashionable, you can’t even tell they are meant to keep your stuff safe.

And anti-theft bags are a good example of that. Generally speaking, those bags are cross-bodied, have additional hidden zippers, and have better straps.

The bags from Travelonbags and Pacsafe a designed to be pickpocket-proof and are often chosen as the best travel safety products, for example by Forbes. So they are definitely worth checking out.

Best Travel safety devices

#11 A portable door alarm or lock

Though this is one of those travel safety devices that are more useful for people who stay in hotels or at least have a private room. Because I don’t think your dormmates would appreciate it if you put an alarm on the door of your dorm, you’re sharing with 10 others.

However, if you’re staying in a room all by yourself and you feel uncomfortable, a portable door alarm might be a solution. What it does, is that when someone tries to come into your room and the door touches the alarm, it makes a hell of a noise and you and probably everyone else in the hotel will be awake. The intruder will probably also have been scared off, so it can definitely be effective.

If a door alarm sounds a bit too loud for you, you could also use a simple door stopper, that doesn’t make a noise when someone tries to enter, but it will block the door. Or a door lock, that’s simply an additional lock to the door.

A portable door lock. Photo courtesy of Amazon

#12 Personal GPS Trackers or tracker Apps

One of the modern travel safety devices is a GPS tracker that can share your live location with people at home, so they know if you’re safe.

Besides the real-time location, it also comes with an SOS button for you to push in case of an emergency. It will send an alert to the people you have chosen to be your emergency contacts.

It’s especially useful if you’re going to remote places or hiking alone.

Check out the options at Amazon

Alternatively, you could download an app that allows you to share your location with someone at home. The only downfall of that is that if you’re at a place with no mobile reception, it doesn’t work. Check out the best apps for Android here.

You could also use Whatsapps option of sharing your location, though it does take a lot of batteries to do that, so I would only recommend sharing your Whatsapp location for a short period, rather than during your entire trip.

Using a GPS tracker is a great travel safety tip. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

#13 Portable mobile Wifi hotspot

In my list of travel safety tips, I already told you that having mobile data is extremely helpful to keep you safe when traveling abroad. If you’re only staying somewhere for a short time, you might not want to buy a sim card, so alternatively, you could opt for a wifi hotspot that works globally as one of your travel safety devices.

How does a portable mobile wifi hotspot work?

It’s a small device with a global SIM card on which you can put international data. So basically it’s a second phone you’re buying, except you only use its data. You can buy the device from all sorts of brands on Amazon, but the sim card is usually bought from Skyroam. You do need to check which countries they work in, otherwise, you’re buying your data for nothing.

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

#14 Powerbank

I would say your phone is one of the best travel safety devices. But what’s a phone without batteries?

Right, pretty useless.

So make sure you get a power bank to keep your phone charged at all times. So when you arrive after a long bus ride, you still have sufficient batteries to order that Uber or find your accommodation.

Check out Amazon to find Powerbanks within all price ranges.

A power bank is definitely one of the essential travel safety products. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

#15 Bluetooth tracker

This is one of the best travel safety devices for people like me. People who always lose everything, who leave their keys at the restaurant, their phone in the bathroom, their wallet at the supermarket, and their bags on the bus.

This Bluetooth tracker is attached to something you don’t want to lose, let’s say your keys. And when you leave a place without your keys, your phone will send you a notification telling you, you’ve left your keys. Can it get any more perfect for silly people like me?

The app also shows you where you left your item if you didn’t see the notification when you left!

Check out all the options of Bluetooth trackers on Amazon here.

Other Travel safety gear

There is so much travel safety gear to keep you safe, from accessories, to gadgets to devices, but these travel safety products just fell in the category of random travel safety gear.

#16 First-Aid Kit

This travel safety gear is more of a stay healthy gear, but it’s important to always have a first aid kit with you when traveling. You do want to be able to disinfect that wound before it gets infected. And having a band-aid will really help you. Check out my post on how to stay healthy while traveling to learn more about that.

You need a first-aid kit to stay safe when traveling

#17 Water bottle with filter

Again this travel safety gear is also a stay healthy travel gear because drinking clean water is probably the most important tip for staying healthy. And a water bottle with a filter will help you to do just that.

Plus it’s a great way to travel sustainable because you won’t be buying plastic water bottles all the time. Check my sustainable travel gear guide if you’re interested in traveling more sustainable.

A water bottle with filters makes sure you can drink water safely. Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

#18 Pepperspray

Well, I’ll be honest, I have never had pepper spray with me as one of my travel safety products, I am not even sure if it’s allowed in The Netherlands. But I can understand how this travel safety gear can make you feel safer.

Just make sure you’ve checked the laws and regulations of the country you’re traveling to because pepper spray is not allowed everywhere. Oh and don’t try to take it with you in your carry-on, airlines won’t appreciate that either.

#19 Swiss Army Knife

This is also a travel safety gear you don’t want to take in your carry-on, but it can definitely make you feel safer when traveling alone. Plus, there are quite a few other useful tools on a swiss army knife that can be helpful with traveling, such as a corkscrew!

A swiss army knife. Photo by Nick ter Haar on Unsplash

#20 Flashlight

If your most important travel safety gear (your phone), runs out of batteries, and you didn’t buy the best travel safety devices #14 (the power bank), you do want a flashlight to walk around at dark. Especially if you’re planning on camping, a flashlight is an essential travel safety gear, because you also won’t be able to charge your phone as much.

You can find flashlights as cheap as 2 dollars and as expensive as 200 dollars. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

#21 Headlamp

Though a headlamp serves the same purpose as a flashlight, provide you with light when it’s dark. There is a benefit to a headlamp. It’s on your head, so you’ve got your hands free.

This is especially useful if you need your hands to navigate or climb. Though the downside of a headlamp is that they’re usually not as strong as flashlights. But again, it depends on what you plan on using it for.

Check out Decathlon for some different options for headlamps.

#22 Travel locks

This travel safety gear is meant to keep your stuff safe, mostly when you plan on staying in hostels. Hostels often provide you with lockers, but you have to pay extra to get a lock to secure the locker. So it makes more sense to travel with one yourself.

Again you can find travel locks of all sizes and prices. Though, I would advise you to get a medium-sized lock, because the small and large ones often don’t fit on the hostel lockers.  

Travel locks are essential travel safety products

#23 Cable locks or Pacsafe bag protector

The travel locks are useful travel safety products for the lockers in a hostel, but when you’re not in a hostel, they’re not going to be of much help.

If you want to attach your bag to something so no one can take it at the airport, for example, you need to get a cable lock or a Pacsafe bag protector.

With a cable lock, you can attach it to anything, and with the Pacsafe bag protector, you can do the same, except it’s a whole construct of cable locks that make it even harder for someone to steal something.

A cable lock is useful to attach your stuff to something

#24 personal Portable Safe

A portable safe is one of the best travel safety products to keep your larger valuables, such as your camera, and phone safe. It’s a small bag with a lock, so people can’t get in to steal your phone or camera. Perfect for at the beach or when traveling by public transport!

Check Amazon for all the different shapes and styles in which you can buy them!

A portable safe. Photo courtesy of Amazon

#25 Travel dictionary

Depending on where you’re traveling to, it can be really helpful to have a travel dictionary of that language with you. In case google translate is letting you down and so are your language skills.

Even better than the dictionary in the local language, is a picture dictionary that allows you to point at what you are looking for. This is especially useful in countries where many different local languages are spoken.

My Italian travel dictionary

Aright, this was my list of the 25 best travel safety items and accessories that will help you travel safer!

No worries, you don’t have to buy all these travel safety products the first time you travel alone ( I think you would be broke if you did). Just buy the ones you think are the most important and the more you travel the larger your travel safety gear will become.

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